Case Studies

Fuel Economy

A case study of fuel savings attained from the installation of a top speed limiter

Carbon Footprint

A case study on the reduction of CO2 emissions at varying speeds

Top Speed Limiter

Top speed limiters for vans

About the System

The Everglade Top Speed Limiter is an entirely electronic product. It enables most vehicles from 2002 to have a permanently set top speed without affecting any of the performance of the vehicle, up to the designated speed. As it has no fuel valves or moving parts, the reliability that the system offers is second to none. The top speed limiter system has been installed on many thousands of vehicles across the globe and has proven to be both effective and reliable.

Top speed limiters are most effective on vehicles that spend a large amount of time on longer journeys involving faster roads and motorways. The top speed limiter is a very effective device at reducing fuel consumption but is also a vital part of many corporate 'Duty of Care' policies. These two factors alone can help to reduce vehicle fleet running costs whilst also reducing risk and exposure to both the employees and directors of the company.

Our system utilises state of the art hardware and software. Most of our limiters are a 'soft install' which means that any cutting of wires or soldering is kept to an absolute minimum. This ensures that vehicle reliability is maintained, but also means that a clean and non-disruptive removal by our engineers is possible, e.g. at the end of a lease or contract hire agreement.


Key Features:

•   Single set top speed e.g. 70mph

•   Can be set to any speed required

•   Reversible - Can be removed by our engineers

•   Approved by VCA for legislation

•   E Mark Certified


•   Reduction in vehicle emissions output

•   Increases in fuel economy

•   Reduction in vehicle wear and tear

•   Protection for fleet operators – Duty of care

•   Protection of corporate image