Case Studies

Fuel Economy

A case study of fuel savings attained from the installation of a top speed limiter

Carbon Footprint

A case study on the reduction of CO2 emissions at varying speeds

Reversing Limiter

Reversing speed limiter

About the System

The Reverse Limiter has proven to be extremely effective at reducing accidents when vehicles are in reverse. The limiter only activates when reverse gear is selected and the vehicle is then limited to a preset top speed in reverse. This is useful for many fleet operators including multi drop couriers and delivery companies, utility companies, plant hire, councils and refuse collection.


Our reverse limiter can be installed in most makes and models of vehicle from 2002. Due to the hardware and software requirements necessary to install this product, we only off the reverse limiter on a supply and install service. Our trained engineers cover the UK and ensure the product is installed and calibrated correctly.

Key Features:

•   Maximum reverse speed e.g. 5mph

•   Only activates when reverse gear is selected

•   Reversible - Can be removed by our engineers

•   Wide range of vehicles from 2002

•   E Mark Certified


•   Reduction in reversing related accidents

•   Greater safety for pedestrians and road users

•   Reduction in vehicle wear and tear

•   Protection for fleet operators – Duty of care

•   Protection of corporate image