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Frequently Asked Questions - Speed Limiters


Q. Can I change the set speed on the limiter?

A. It is possible to adjust the speed setting, but only by one of our engineers. The limiter can NOT be adjusted by the driver / operator

Q. Can I remove the limiter at end of lease / Contract Hire Agreement?

A. Yes, our engineers can remove the limiter before the vehicle is returned or sold

Q. Do you offer a supply only service?

A. Due to the nature of the system and equipment required to calibrate it, we only offer the limiters as a supply and install service.

Q. Do you install at my premises?

A. Yes, we can install anywhere in the UK

Q. Does the limiter come with any warranty

A. Yes, We offer a minimum 12 months parts and labour with options to upgrade to 3,4 or 5 year warranties

Q. Does the limiter affect the vehicle warranty?

A. Our limiters carry an E Mark which allows them to be used on any vehicle in the EU. Any warranty relating to our system that is not covered by the manufacturer is covered by us. We also have many manufacturer approvals which don't affect the vehicle base warranty in any way.