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Top Speed Limiters & GPS Trackers For Vans & Cars

Everglade Services offer a mobile supply and installation service throughout the UK. We can supply and fit top speed limiters, RPM Limiters, Reverse Limiters, dynamic speed limiters as well as trackers, vehicle security and reverse parking sensors to cars, vans and light commercial vehicles at your premises for convenience. Whether you are looking for your vehicles to be fitted with a speed limiter to conform with legislation or save money on fuel consumption, you can be confident that we can deliver the solutions.

Our company is based in the UK and has many years of experience fitting aftermarket speed limiters and  electronic devices to fleet vehicles both in the UK and overseas. Our speed limiter, vehicle security and entire range of products carry the relevant ‘E’ mark. Our speed limiters are also suitable for reducing corporate risk and are becoming a major part of ‘Duty of Care’ and corporate responsibility procedures.

Speed Limiters

We have a complete range of vehicle speed limiters available as a supply and installation service. Our limiters include top speed, rpm, top speed and rpm, towing, reversing and our brand new dynamic limiter systems

GPS Trackers

Gps trackers available on a supply only or supply and install basis. ODB trackers, Hard wired trackers and personal trackers are all available. Our trackers can be used on a PAYG 'pay as you go' setup or we offer various 'Prepay data' options too.

Vehicle Security

We specialise in the range of Autowatch vehicle security products. We can supply and install vehicle immobilisers, complete alarms, alarm upgrades and various Thatcham approved systems.

Parking Distance Sensors

We deal exclusively with the X-Vision range of parking sensors. Approved by many vehicle manufacturers and offering original equipment quality and ease of operation.

Fleet Services

Everglade Services LTD provide a range of services for our fleet customers. Working with fleets in size from a single vehicle to multiple hundreds of vehicles, we provide different service levels to suit any companies needs. Our team of mobile engineers service the whole of the United Kingdom, installing our full range of limiters and vehicle tracking devices. Some details on our range of services can be found below:

Pre-Delivery Installations

Our engineers can install any of our product ranges before you even take delivery of the vehicles. We can arrange to install the systems at the manufacturer PDI centres, Lease company or supplying dealer. This level of coordination ensures that the customer suffers no down time of vehicles when requiring installations of our products and vehicles are fully operational at point of receiving delivery.

Post delivery Installations

If you already have your vehicles, we can arrange to come to your premises to carry out the installation work on site. Our team of trained engineers can install our products quickly and carefully meaning that vehicles are off the road for the minimal amount of time and causing the least amount of disruption to your business operations.

Find & Fit

Our Find and fit service offers the customer the ability to have multiple vehicles installed at various different locations. This service means that vehicles based on multiple site locations can still be installed and reduces the amount of disruption to your business. We work closely with our customers to determine the vehicle locations and send our engineers to the site locations for the installation work.


EU Ruling - Mandatory Speed Limiters in the UK by 2022

The EU has provisionally agreed new rules that state speed limiters will become mandatory for all vehicles sold throughout Europe from 2022. Campaigners hope this will completely transform road safety by meaning that all vehicles in the EU would be fitted with a speed limiter device that restricts them from exceeding the speed limit.

Even though the UK is set to leave the EU on October 31st 2019, the VCA (UK’s Vehicle Certification Authority) has stated that it is highly likely that if this ruling goes through, the UK will also adopt these policies. Information from the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) states that the limiters would reduce collisions by 30% and save around 25,000 lives within 15 years.

The technology behind this type of speed limiting is called ISA (Intelligent Speed Assistance). It utilises either GPS linked speed limit data or road speed sign recognition cameras or both. This data is then fed into a multi-speed limiter that automatically limits the top speed of the vehicle. There is no application of the vehicle braking system with ISA’s. The limiter just reduces the throttle output which in turn stops the acceleration of the vehicle past the indicated speed limit, unless it is overridden.

The Everglade Services Dynamic Speed Limiter (DSL) already has this functionality. Our tests show that using either Camera based or GPS based technology alone gives approximately 75-80% accuracy on UK roads. However, when these technologies are combined, the accuracy can increase to over 95%.

There have obviously been mixed responses to this ruling, so the ETSC has tried to make it more attractive by proposing an override function. Pressing hard on the accelerator would allow the indicated speed limit to be exceeded temporarily should circumstances dictate it. If the vehicle continues to exceed the speed limit for more than a few seconds, warnings would sound and be visually displayed. This would continue until the vehicle is operating below the speed limit again. This could mean that stricter rules could be imposed for the future. The ETSC is also recommending that all new cars would be fitted with a data logger to track the system.


Case Studies

Fuel Economy

A case study of fuel savings attained from the installation of a top speed limiter

Carbon Footprint

A case study on the reduction of CO2 emissions at varying speeds

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