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GPS Tracker ET102

GPS Tracker ET102
GPS Tracker ET102GPS Tracker ET102GPS Tracker ET102
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GPS Tracker ET102 Hard Wire KitGPS Tracker ET102 Hard Wire Kit


EverTrak ET-102 MINI GPS Tracker


The EverTrak ET-102 MINI is ideal for keeping track of various assets, people, pets and vehicles. It is one of the smallest GPS tracking devices available, yet features a rich set of functions. 



Some Applications:


  • Can be easily placed inside or attached to  bags to enable easy and live tracking of children, employees or the elderly
  • Can be attached to a pets collar for easy location of lost pets
  • Is light enough to be attached to most drones for easy location in case of drone loss
  • Can be easily attached to most vehicles with the included magnetic cover - Hard wire kit also available for permanent installation



ET 102 Applications










What’s In The Box?


EverTrak ET-102 GPS Tracker

Normal and Magnetic cases








Hardware – The GPS tracking device that attaches to your asset / vehicle


Tracking Software – How you track and run reports on your asset / vehicles


Sim Card – How the hardware communicates with the software



Why Buy Evertrak?


As with all of our trackers, The GPS 303 takes all the problems associated with setup, out of the equation. There are 3 elements to our tracker systems:



Our customers benefit from our years of experience in the field, making sure they get the best priced packages available that are reliable, secure and easy to use. We have selected the best options on hardware, software and sim cards which save our customers valuable time and money. All of our packages are constructed to work seamlessly together and there are no hidden extra’s or monthly contract fees to pay.


We configure all of the trackers before we ship them. No configuration or setup is necessary, just install in your vehicle and start tracking. The hardware, software and sim card are all included in the price.



SIM Card Options






Pay As You Go– Activate & Topup


Follow the link provided with your tracker, then activate and topup your sim. lasts approximately 2-3 months under normal usage.


Pre-Paid – No action required


No Topups, No activation, just guaranteed use for the term. We will even remind you before the term ends ensuring no loss of tracking coverage. 1, 2 & 3 year Pre-Pay plans available.



The Evertrak GPS 303 offers a very versatile product at an extremely competitive price point. The GPS 303 is suitable for tracking a wide range of vehicles including vans, light commercial vehicles, minibuses, cars and motorcycles. The GPS 303 can be installed on almost any vehicle due to its 12v-24v operating range. Our GPS 303 also features a battery backup that can still provide tracking information even if the vehicle power supply is interrupted.




·         Evertrak GPS 303 Tracking Unit

·         Instruction Manual

·         Wiring Loom/Harness

·         Micro Screw Driver

·         SIM Card





All of our tracker packages come with 12 months access to the Evertrak platform included in the price. (RRP £30.00) – Just log in and start tracking. No complicated setup or installation required.


Our easy to use ‘EVERTRAK’ GPS tracking software, allows ‘real-time’ tracking of you vehicles or assets. The GPS 303 has been designed and set up to offer a wide range of reports that fleet users demand.


The Evertrak software system can be accessed from most internet enabled devices. PC, Smartphones and tablets can connect to our cloud based system. No maps or software need to be installed.


Reports can be triggered off events such as ignition cycling (On/Off status), speeding over a preset limit and movement in or out of pre-defined geographical areas.


Our Evertrak Mobile app for Android and iOS enables real time tracking whilst you are on the go. Get notifications, route history and asset location directly on your smartphone.


Evertrak records data for each tracker and stores the activity in a secure system. This history can then be accessed through your Evertrak account. Telematics information including vehicle speed, parking durations and move / stop details are all stored for up to 90 days for you to access.


The Evertrak system can produce detailed reports in various formats that can be exported into CSV, PDF and HTML formats for use in other software systems including fleet management software.


We have easy to follow tutorial videos on how to use the Evertrak software. Step by step guides cover the basics and detailed tutorials for the users that want to get the most from their tracking package.


Features and Specification

The GPS 303 operates on existing GSM/GPRS networks (850/900/1800/1900Mhz) and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or internet. The small and light weight design make the GPS 303 a very discreet device that can be located easily inside a vehicle.


89mm x 50mm x 16mm




GSM/GPRS Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz

GPS Accuracy

Up to 5m


Cold Status 45s/ Warm Status 35s/ Hot Status 1s

Input Voltage

Input 12v-24v DC


2A Blade Fuse

Back Up Battery

3.7V 500mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery


Important Information


We don’t offer any contract deals just ‘Pre-Paid’ data. We don’t expect you to sign lengthy and restrictive contracts, you only have to commit to the term that suits you. This gives you the flexibility of just paying for data as you need it with our PAYG plan, or getting a better price by paying for more data in advance on our Pre-Paid plans. As the data is paid for and allocated in advance, we can not offer refunds for any unused credit.


First year access to the Evertrak gps tracking platform is included in the price you pay. No hidden extras. Access to the platform after the first year currently costs just £30 per year! Our 2 year and 3 year Pre-Pay plans include access to the Evertrak system for 2 and 3 years respectively.

EverTrak Software
Sim Cards

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