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Fuel Savings

In the current economic climate, companies are having to look for new ways to reduce costs. An ever growing cost for most organisations is fuel. At Everglade Services we have tried and tested many products to try and help companies save on their ever increasing fuel bills. There are a number of ways we can help achieve these fuel efficiency savings as outlined below:

Top Speed Limiters

For vehicles that do many miles on motor ways and dual carriage ways, a top speed limiter can dramatically reduce fuel consumption, especially if drivers are going above the speed limit. Tests have been conducted on a variety of vehicles at various speeds to see how fuel usage is related to speed. The results do vary but the common theme is that less speed = less fuel used. In most of these cases, the fitting of top speed limiters can effectively pay for themselves within just a few months. A number of our clients have reported back significant fuel savings after the installation of top speed limiters.


Case Study

One of our major clients has given us their fuel figures of before and after the fitment of our drive by wire system...

The speed was set at 70mph.  The vehicle used was a Peugeot Partner. This particular vehicle was chosen because of the wide variety of journeys it undertook, from town work to motorway travel.

Fuel Consumption Figures from the test:

Before the limiter was installed:

Month Fuel Used (Gallons) Mileage Economy (MPG)
1 43.96 1343 30.54
2 24.55 629 25.61
3 41.62 1211 29.09
Averages 36.71 1061 28.41







After the limiter was installed:

Month Fuel Used (Gallons) Mileage Economy (MPG)
4 43.37 1442 33.24
5 27.84 1005 36.09
6 32.99 1335 40.58
Averages 34.73 1260 36.63







Trial Conclusion:

The result clearly showed a substantial fuel saving of over 25%

The cost of the speed limiters would be repaid within 4 months

The trail did not take into consideration the considerable other benefits of:

• Reduction in employer liability and corporate responsibility risks
• Reduction of Co2 emissions associated with improved fuel consumption
• Lower brake, tyre and maintenance costs
• Reduction in vehicle downtime for unscheduled repair/maintenance
• Increased service life for vehicle mechanical components

Engine RPM Limiters

We also offer a product that helps to reduce fuel consumption throughout the engines operating range not just at high speeds. The engine RPM limiter device can be fitted to most diesel and petrol vehicles and has shown results of between 5-25% saving on fuel bills. This product is particularly effective on HGV’s but also effective on pick-up trucks and light commercial vehicles....