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EverTrak Live GPS Subscription

EverTrak Live GPS Subscription
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12 months EverTrak Live Subscription

The key to any GPS tracking service is not only the quality of the hardware installed to the vehicle, but also the software that the end user monitors with. Our EVERTRAK Live GPS software is state of the art yet simple to use. EVERTRAK allows many different types of reports to monitor vehicle locations, speeds, start and stop times etc. Alerts can be set to notify if a vehicle exceeds set parameters such as maximum speed or can be configured to notify if a vehicle leaves a pre determined zone with our Geo-Fence facility.

Our Live GPS tracking software can help to optimise your fleet, co-ordinating jobs in a region, giving location updates to customers or just checking that your staff are where they should be when they should be. EVERTRAK Live utilises a web based platform and so can be accessed from anywhere where you can access the internet. It can also be accessed on a wide variety of platforms including PC's, Laptops, Tablet and Mobile phones. Our EVERTRAK app is available for all major operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows

As our software has been designed to work with a huge range of devices, you can add extra devices to the system other than just the GPS vehicle trackers. For example, for a small annual subscription fee, you can add mobile phones or gsm enabled tablets to your account which can also locate individual members of staff, or locate a device in the event of loss or theft. Many of our customers use our EVERTRAK Live GPS software to track all of their business assets from one central location.