Case Studies

Fuel Economy

A case study of fuel savings attained from the installation of a top speed limiter

Carbon Footprint

A case study on the reduction of CO2 emissions at varying speeds

Driver Set Limiter

Top speed limiters for vans

About the System

The driver set limiter is a device that can be retro fitted to vehicles that don't already have a user set limiter installed at factory. A simple press of the installed button will set the current road speed as the new limit. This device is primarily suited to drivers looking to take some of the risk out of modern day driving. By utilising this limiter in restricted speed zones e.g. motorway roadworks etc, the driver set limiter is a useful tool in minimising the risk of getting speeding fines whilst increasing safety to other road users.

The installation o the device does require an easily accessible button to be mounted in the vehicle  cabin.


Key Features:

•   Set by the driver

•   Can be set to any speed required

•   Reversible - Can be removed by our engineers

•   E Mark Certified



•   Reduced chance of speeding fines

•   Increases in fuel economy

•   Greater concentration on the road ahead

•   Reduced stress on the driver